Our mission

We understand the happiness and value of tasty, flavorful Boiled Peanuts! That’s why we’re proud to share our products with the world! We hope you enjoy them as much as we all do.

This all came about after being hit by a bus in November of last year and not being able to move all that well. I needed a bit of a hobby and it turns out my hobby turned into something, that friends and family wanted. Alas, DirtyNutz.com was formed. A Florida based Boiled Peanut company that aims to provide the best product available. We know we can't always please everyone, but we will certainly try.

Thank you for giving us a try!

A passion for healthy living.

Our family recipes

All our juice mixes are based on old family recipes that have been honed over decades. We know our products are delicious because we created and tested them all ourselves. If you want to know more about our juices, feel free to reach out.